Serverless Handbook

Serverless Handbook
for frontend engineers

Learn everything you need to dive into modern backend. Understand any backend

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  • Get started with Serverless backend technologies
  • Build your first backends, or your 10th in a new way ;)
  • Designed for frontend engineers diving into backend tech for the first time
  • Learn all about lambdas and queues and databases
  • Build server-side technologies with JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Support your apps with functions in the cloud
  • A reference handbook that stands by your side as you work
  • Pick and choose, read the chapters you need right now
  • Access yours forever, get notified as new chapters come out
  • Get a new chapter every week until done :)

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  • “I work with React but I want to learn the other technologies and how to use them with react”

    • dado90

  • “I'm a React Dev, I wanted to get a boost further”

    • Samer

  • “I want to learn the full process of building a web app from start to finish using React and Serverless Technologies (could it be with AWS?)”

    • Ricardo Respo

  • “I'm interested in the JAM stack and in AWS Serverless, but all of the examples for tutorials I found are boring.”

    • Rui

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