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Handling Secrets

How do you send an SMS when users click a button?

You find a JavaScript library that talks to an SMS provider. Configure your API keys, call the library, user gets an SMS. Yay!

3 months later you wake up to a $5,000 bill. Someone looked at your JavaScript code, took the API keys, and ran a spam campaign.

Orchestrating 3rd party services is where cloud functions shine. The perfect environment for glue code.

Isolated code that does one thing with no cruft. Runs on-demand, consumes no resources when not in use, scales near infinitely. Perfection.

And it runs on a server where users can't see the code. There's no right-click inspect, no JavaScript files downloaded, no user environment at all.


What is a secret

A secret is any piece of information you can't share. Any key with access to a special resource. Passwords and API tokens, for example.

You can add semi-secret configuration variables. URLs for parts of your system, ports of a database server, kinda-hardcoded data, etc.

How secretive you have to be depends on context.

Configuration variables are okay to leak, if the system is otherwise secure. But they can give an attacker information about your system.

Production passwords for sensitive health information ... you don't even want your engineers to know those. Especially not former engineers.

3 ways to handle secrets

There are 3 ways to handle secrets. From least to most secure.

  1. Hardcoded values
  2. Dotenv files
  3. Secrets manager

Each method comes with different pros and cons. Pros in terms of security, cons in how cumbersome to use.

Hello! 👋

Are you a frontend engineer diving into backend? Do you have just that one bit of code that can't run in the browser? Something that deals with secrets and APIs?

That's what cloud functions are for my friend. You take a JavaScript function, run it on serverless, get a URL, and voila.

But that's easy mode. Any tutorial can teach you that.

What happens when you wanna build a real backend? When you want to understand what's going on? Have opinions on REST vs GraphQL, NoSQL vs. SQL, databases, queues, talk about performance, cost, data processing, deployment strategies, developer experience?


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With Serverless Handbook, Swiz teaches the truths of distributed systems – things will fail – but he also gives you insight on how to architect projects using reliability and resilience perspectives so you can monitor and recover.

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If you want to understand backends, grok serverless, or just get a feel for modern backend development, this is the book for you.

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Serverless Handbook on your bookshelf
Serverless Handbook on your bookshelf

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Ideas, tactics, and mindsets that you need. Because every project is different.

The Serverless Handbook takes you from your very first cloud function to modern backend mastery. In the words of an early reader:

Serverless Handbook taught me high-leveled topics. I don't like recipe courses and these chapters helped me to feel like I'm not a total noob anymore.

The hand-drawn diagrams and high-leveled descriptions gave me the feeling that I don't have any critical "knowledge gaps" anymore.

~ Marek C, engineer

If you can JavaScript, you can backend.

Plus it looks great on your bookshelf 😉

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